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You have a brand, so why rebrand?

As a freelancer, your name is your brand, your last job is your brand and what clients and colleagues say about you is your brand.


Bright Events has been running for 6 years now (yay… congratulations to me)! In that time, I have successfully worked on a wide variety of events (both nationally and internationally) from in person to hybrid, conferences to outdoor shows, exhibitions to festivals.


Through Bright Events, I have a website and social channels that I use to showcase my work and my brand in the best possible way! You may have noticed; I do like to talk about where I am and what I am doing!!


So, you are probably thinking, why is she having a rebrand if Bright Events is a success…. Well… sometimes you need to stop, reflect and look at your brand.


  • Is it doing what you want it to do?

  • Does it look and feel right for where you are now?

  • Do you need to shimmy and shake your existing website and socials to reflect current work, work you want onto attract?


It was the latter for me.

I felt like I needed a change, a refresh, a reimagining of the brand.


Enter Maribel from Tick Business Support, Matt from Matt Glover Photography and Jasper from Yellow Glove Productions with all their skills, knowledge and patience.


Working with Maribel on my new website was so easy and stress-free. She spent time chatting to me about what I wanted on my website, what was important to me, what colours reflected me and being a friend, she knows me!


Matt and I do a lot of work together so spending time together in London on a brand shoot wasn’t really work… it was fun!!  Matt knows how to capture his subject’s personality, style and brand essence. 


I asked Jasper to record some video testimonials for me, from trusted colleagues and client… well I had to make sure everyone was saying good things about me! 


So, for me…. Shaking up your website, your socials every couple of years is a must.

As a freelancer, I am growing and developing my skill set and my client base all the time - I want my website to reflect this growth.


Please take a look

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