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What is your brand? How do you figure out who you are?

When I set up Bright Events in 2018, I wasn’t thinking about brand, tone of voice or who I was. I simply set up a business with a name so I could invoice my clients.

As time ticked on, I started to think about who I was and how my business should reflect me.

At a glance, people should be able to see my personality.

With the help of some wonderfully talented and creative people, I began to figure out who I was, what I did and what Bright Events looked like.

The fantastic Melanie Deakin suggested that I wrote down everything that I did for my clients (on a big piece of paper) and look for the areas which I constantly delivered on. These are my strengths! It is actually quite difficult to write down what you do…. I mean, an Events Manager gets involved in most things!!

Then, I needed to find a web designer who would create a website to reflect Bright Events. Enter Maribel Pascual from TICK Business Support. Everyone needs a Maribel in their life. There is nothing that this lady can’t do! She looks at what you want to achieve and thinks about it, researches the options, then discusses them with you. Maribel really does always strive for perfection.

You need words for a website…

And it is not as easy as you think.

You need to capture people in the first few seconds and hook them in.

I knew what I wanted to say, but I needed a spark of creativity to achieve this. The lovely Alison Sweeney was on standby to read through version1, 2, 3 & 4 and make suggestions to my text. She has a strong marketing background, so I am not arguing with her!!

You also need images for a website.

We all like looking at photos and videos, it gives you a much better sense of who the person it.

In my career as an Events Professional I have been lucky enough to work with Matt Glover from Matt Glover Photography, and more recently Jasper Alyn Stephens from Yellow Glove Productions. This duo is simply amazing! On one side, sheer bouncy creativity and excitement, and on the other hand, a cool, calm and collected planner!! The perfect heady mix!

Photos are courtesy of Matt Glover Photography

Creating the imagery for the website was such fun… I am not sure it should have been such fun, but it was. The shots were planned, the props were purchased, and script was written. All we needed was a day out to bring Bright Events to life. And we did…

The finished product is a website that I am truly proud of.

The bright, bubbly colours are a reflection of me!

The name, chosen at random, really does reflect what I want to bring to and achieve for my clients.. a bright, sparkling light to guide them through the event process.

Have a look at my website, and let me know what you think:

So, if you are trying to work out who you are and what you do… my advice is ask people who you trust. Your friends want to see you succeed and probably know you better than you know yourself!!

I challenge you to find out who you really are.

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This website was created in collaboration with:

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