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What’s in my event bag?

Over the last few months, I have been on site for various events.

The one question I get asked by my clients (and colleagues) is how do you know what to bring with you to an event? And how big is your bag??

For me, it’s quite simple. As a freelance event manager there are certain essential items you must take on site with you. Before you head onto site for any event, you need to think about what type of event it is, what your role is, what you will be doing, and in your experience, what do you need to succeed on site.

So, essential items:

  • Laptop

  • Phone & charger

  • Phone carry case

  • Pens/ Sharpies/ Scissors/ Gaffer Tape/ Screwdriver

  • Note Pad/ Clipboard

  • Water Bottle

  • Plasters/ Pain Killers

  • Glasses and Sunglasses

  • Lip Balm

  • Hat

  • High Viz

The bag of an event manager

So, why all these items?

I am going to pick out a couple of them and explain my rationale to you!

Phone carry case – when you are on site for an event, you need both hands, if not more hands to get stuck into your role. You will often be holding a clipboard and radio and probably something else as well! If you have a phone carry case, you are hand free and you will never lose you phone. (for me, this is occupational hazard!)

Water Bottle – there is a big push in the world of events to be more sustainable. Taking your own water bottle to an event is one way to help and it means you always have water! Staying hydrated and focused is a must on an event!

Scissors – Quite simply because no one EVER brings scissors!! Exhibitors, contractors need them and never have them! Bringing your own scissors, pen knife or blade ensures no delays in getting boxes open, parcels and packages unwrapped and onto the stand! But a word of warning, always remember who has borrowed your items… they disappear!

Glasses and Sunglasses – if you need them to see properly, bring them! If you are outside, bring them! The aim is the be there for your client (and be able to see what you are doing)

High Viz – a really good investment is your own, un branded high viz! You never know when you are going to need to wear one, and by bringing your own, it saves the client the worry about finding one for you. Also, handy to keep in the boot of your car!

I could list more items that are ‘essential’ for an event, but really, the most important thing to take on site for an event is yourself, positive friendly attitude and your skills.

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