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Plantworx 2023 is over (part 2)

The dusted has settled (literally) on Plantworx 2023!!

And what an epic event it has been.

The run up to the live days is always hard work, lots of long days and late nights, and this year… the heat! Putting the hours in before the show starts ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible, and that all the exhibitors, suppliers, contractors and visitors have the information they need to have an enjoyable and successful show.

Plantworx is an event like no other… live working demos, huge pieces of kit & machinery, latest gadgets, widgets and technology, competitions, simulators and networking… lots of networking!

So how do I feel post event?

Tired, spaced out and trying to get used to life out of my Plantworx bubble!

It is always hard after an event not to feel sad or deflated …. As you have given so much, and sacrificed so much. One of my good friends said to me “You should be proud of what you have achieved and make sure you have closure on the event. Sit back, relax and learn ready for the next one”.

The only way to sum up Plantworx 2023 is articles, photos and videos, enjoy:

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