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On site for Plantworx 2023 part 1

As you may have seen from my LinkedIn and Social posts, I am live on site in Peterborough at Plantworx 2023.

If you have never heard of Plantworx, you are missing out on a treat!

Plantworx 2023 will be the show where emerging and disruptive technologies will feature alongside construction equipment, innovation, technology products and services. The show remains the UK’s biennial showcase for the construction sector – and will lead visitors into the future of construction.

With a combination of live demonstrations and the latest in machine technology and support products, Plantworx offers a valuable experince for construction sector professionals. (taken from Plantworx website 2023)

My role for Plantworx is Administration, this is a catch all title! I am responsible for the Exhibitors, making sure they sending documents in on time, answering their questions of the show, the site and anything else. I look after elements of the sponsorship and branding, I look after the office, and staff we have in the office. Oh and a bit of technology thrown in… the website, the webapp and our project management tools!

Busy, busy, busy!!

Plantworx 2023 is live 13th, 14th, 15th June, so you may be wondering why I am on site now.

Well, when you are part of a team organising a big working demo outdoor show, there is plenty do to before the gates open.

This is a short list of all the things that need to be done before anyone comes on site:

  • the ground needs to be prepared

  • mark out

  • CAT scan all the ground to check for underground services

  • office set up

  • signage out

  • team familiarisation

  • supplier briefings and familiarisation

  • Heras fencing and crowd barriers to be put out

  • grass to be mowed

  • H&S check of exhibitor forms

  • managing exhibitor questions and queries

  • registration and badges

  • monitoring the weather

  • live changes to documents and website/ webapp

It is always interesting being on site before any of the exhibitors arrive, you get to spend time with the team building rapport, you get time to wander around the site, you get time to enjoy the site and event before the busy time starts!

It is so important to be on site prior to the exhibitors arriving for set up…

You are better prepared and more settled in.

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