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Hospitality with the Tigers!

I am a big fan of going out, enjoying life and gathering people together.

I am, quite possibly that annoying person who wants everyone to get on and have fun together!

So, organising corporate hospitality for some industry chums (and friends) felt like a perfect thing to do, and a way to say thank you for supporting me in my freelance career.

I have been to Welford Road, the home of Leicester Tigers, before to watch a match, but never organised my own hospitality!

It was so easy, Charlotte Saunders, Business Development Manager, was fantastic. Talked me through everything – what the options were, how to book, how to share information, and most importantly, how to get there. Super easy!

My guests were sent a full itinerary and tickets, and instructions to enjoy the hospitality and have fun!

On arrival, we were name checked in the car park – so exciting to have your name down on a list. It was then a short walk to the stadium, or a hop on the bus! Entrance the hospitality suite was a breeze; a quick flash of your ticket and a check inside your bag, and you were up the stairs… entering the main room.

There was about 300 people all sitting down ready to enjoy food, drink and rugby talk.

Our waiter, Asit Parmar, was simply fantastic – he was attentive, friendly, funny and learnt all of our names. Excellent customer service and a sure way to make the guests feel special.

Our bellies were well looked after with Starters, Mains, Desserts, Cheese Board, Half Time Snacks and drinks, lots of drinks – everyone was eating, drinking, chatting and enjoying a Sunday afternoon out, away from the pressures of family life!

The aim of hospitality at Leicester Tigers was twofold:

1. To say thank you a group of people who have supported me in my freelance careers

2. And to announce that I am back...and ready to work.

3. Oh, and I suppose to have a tiny break from family life.

A big thank you to Mel Deakin from Mowgli Events, for volunteering the drive… my prosecco never tasted so good!

If you are looking for a day out with friends, clients or family, I can highly recommend Leicester Tigers.

Friendly staff – excellent food – exciting bit of sport to watch!

Until the next time…

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