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Are event professionals chameleons?

What do I mean by this?

I am not saying that event professionals have got a crest or horns on their head, or that they have a swaying gait, or they have unique feet…. well, some might have! What I am saying is that event professionals have the ability to adapt to a situation.

Whether you are a logistics planner, production manager, rigger or technician, wearing black and working in the background is where we lurk. Carrying out the wishes of the client quietly, quickly and efficiently; not drawing attention to ourselves, but blending into the background.

The last two years have certainly been eye opening for many people in the industry. This 'comfy in the background role' we have been used to has changed, we now need to shine and show our true colours in order to thrive.

Personally, I found myself in a situation where all my regular work had vanished. All the face-to-face events I was used to working on had disappeared… postponed indefinitely. This was daunting and very scary, but I decided to embrace this new world of events.

I had to move the background (where I am comfiest wearing blacks with my clipboard, radio and phone) and take several steps into the foreground, be brave and update my skill set.

And to be honest, I have enjoyed learning new skills and putting them into practice! This is something I never thought I would admit too as anything technical has scared me in the past. I have been fortunate enough to work on many virtual events doing a variety of roles:

  • Managing Zoom and Teams Meeting

  • Spot Lighting

  • Speaker Training

  • Recording and Editing

  • Breakout Rooms

  • Hosting Sessions

  • Show calling

  • Spotlighting

  • Marketing & Comms

I am one of many event professionals who has adapted their skills set to suit the changing environment, to show clients and industry peers that I am adaptable, flexible and willing to learn.

I am certainly a chameleon and proud to show off my new colours!

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