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Charity comes from the heart

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

2020 was the year that we did not expect.

National lockdowns, living life in bubble, limited face to face interactions, learning how to use Zoom, using phrases like “you’re on mute”, watching the entire back catalogue of Netflix and realising that you can order anything and everything online!

A weekly pastime for a group of eight couples* in the Lichfield area was Deans Lockdown Quiz. Move over Jay ... Dean Mortimer was Quiz Master extraordinaire! With flashy PowerPoint presentations, controversial music rounds and quiz questions covering all genres, this was the Saturday night quiz not to be missed.

As we are a kind and generous bunch, we decided to pledge an amount of money. The winning couple of the quiz would receive the money and donate it to a charity of their choice. The total amount donated was £800.

The winners of the quiz were Karen & Andrew Edwards and their charity of choice was St Giles Hospice. This was an easy choice for the couple. In 2015, Karen’s Dad was admitted to St Giles for end-of-life care: the treatment and care he received was truly outstanding and from the heart. The staff at St Giles Hospice do an amazing job and hopefully this donation will provide some much-needed funds.

Lockdown has taught us all one thing; kindness is the key.

Be kind to yourself and others.

Taking time out of our daily lives to give time, energy and support to others is the greatest thing to come out of our year in lockdown.

St Giles welcomes any and all donation, if you wish to donate please visit

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