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Back to Work!

So, it’s official now… I am back at work!

Not going to lie to you, I did have a slightly shaky start. Little Margot didn’t settle at Nursery at all – there were lots of tears, snotty noses and nails digging into Mummy!! The Nursery staff were fabulous and re-assured me that she would settle in and she would enjoy herself.

After 3 weeks of settling in… we are there!

There were smiles at Nursery (thank goodness), now I can focus on work and being me at work.

I have missed working.

I have missed events.

I have missed the wonderful tribe of individuals who keep me sane during crazy event times.

I have missed the pressure to deliver an event.

But most of all, I have missed being Karen, Events Specialist at Bright Events.

I am so grateful for the time I have had off with Margot and all the fun and adventures we have had. Now I am relishing the challenge of juggling Margot and Arthur (and my husband) and the world of freelancing, where you never quite know what it going to happen.

I had a really interesting chat with a potential client at international Confex, and she told me that they (as a business) always ask whether you have children as they believe that working Mums make the best planners. They are used to juggling (well everything), they are used to retaining every piece of information that your child, a teacher, the PTA or a passing stranger tells you. But most of all they are keen to get out and work – so are driven and motivated, and will always have coffee (this is what keeps them going!)

This is just one persons opinion as I know plenty of excellent planners who do not have children.

What this conversation did do, was fill me full of confidence that I can step back into my old shoes and be the Karen that I used to be.

Onwards to the next event…

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