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It’s the start of a brand-new year, and I can’t wait to get started!

A new year is typically the time when you make promises and resolutions to do more, be better, eat less and get fitter. I am seeing the new year as a chance to be a better person; to do more for others, to be supportive and to do more work for charity.

I have decided that I am going to support two charities a year, and by support, I mean financially and helping to promote the fantastic work that they do.

The Stroke Association

Stroke changes lives in an instant, and the impact can be devastating. It can cost people their ability to move, communicate and lead their everyday lives.

Two thirds of people who survive a stroke find themselves living with a disability. And 40% of stroke survivors experience anxiety and depression.

The Holly Trust

About 3,300 people a year in the West Midlands are diagnosed with bowel cancer. It’s the second most common cancer death.

Unfortunately, we don't talk much about bowels or bowel functions - it's a bit of a taboo subject.

If you can support a local or national charity, please do so.

They need our support now more than ever.

Personally, I am looking forward to getting involved with these two wonderful charities

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  • Karen Edwards

As a freelancer and a ‘company of one’, how do you know what is the best way to market yourself?

Should you go all out and take out adverts on-line and in print with all the big industry magazines? Do you keep it local? Do you only use social media and the power of your loyal tribe?

It is a tricky field to navigate!

For me, it is all dependant on the outcome that you want, and the belief that you have in yourself and your business.

The biggest asset that all freelancers have is their loyal tribe, by this I mean your gang of friends and business professionals who will support, push and promote you every opportunity that they can. A simple tag on LinkedIn or FaceBook can make a huge difference. Keep your tribe close and the work will always follow.

Another really simple thing to do is market your brand locally, see how businesses nearby react to you and your business. Get an advert on-line or in print with a few local (to you) publications and see what the response is. This will help you adapt your adverts for industry scale magazines.

I recently took the plunge and put an advert and business listing in my local lifestyle magazine.

It has only just gone live… so not sure what the response will be!

Take a look, and give me your feedback

Making sure your LinkedIn page is up to date is also a MUST, and post. Post as regularly as you can on LinkedIn. Something business related, something quirky, something that generates a conversation is always good. LinkedIn is one of the biggest tools that freelancers have. Don’t be afraid of it!!

Videos….. on LinkedIn, FaceBook, TikTok, wherever you fancy – these really are a great way of showcasing you, your personality and what you do for a living. It provides a valuable insight into the sometimes crazy world of events management.

In short, don’t be scared of promoting what you do! YOU ARE FABULOUS. #cheers

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This is the question I have been asking myself for the last few months.

I have been torn between spending lots of quality time with Margot (the newest edition to our family) and working on various event projects.

When you work for yourself, especially in events, I believe you need to stay visible and be active, so potential clients can find you and can see what you have been working on. During my maternity leave, I have worked on a several projects, with the support of some fantastic industry professionals.

A ‘festival in a day’!

I was working with the client to deliver a summer party, outside in a field! Luckily, the set-up days and the event day were dry and sunny – so no muddy fields to deal with.

This event was such fun to work on, thinking of all the activities that guests might want to get involved in; dancing, DJ, face painting, gin bar, team gangs and food glorious food! And being able to plan and co-ordinate the event (with the help of some talented people), including Matt Glover, Louise Connor and Mel Deakin!

I even managed to take Margot with me.

She loved her first event experience!

An ‘outdoor food festival’!

I was working with the client is deliver an outdoor food festival. The event is extremely popular with food fanatics, families and people looking to try some new cuisine!

The pressure was on to plan and deliver an event on a site not normally used for an event, at a time of year when crew and equipment were in high demand.

All operational and logistical aspects needed to be arranged; site set up and services, exhibitor management, communication to exhibitors and suppliers, health & safety, EMSP and on-site delivery.

The days were long but seeing a successful event and happy faces makes it all worthwhile.

Again, I was surrounded by some super talented people including Lucy Mellor and Jack Saward.

Margot was with me on this event. She is definitely a people person and loved all the new faces she was seeing and loved being on site!

The lesson I have learnt is that events is definitely in my blood, it is what I do and how people know me… to have a complete break during maternity leave was never an option for me, I enjoy working too much! What I needed to do was find the right events to work on (for me and Margot) and find the support of talented individuals who I could rely on.

The events industry is after all about working together for the good of the client and ensuring that and event is delivered to the highest quality.

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