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  • Writer's pictureKaren Edwards

How do you entertain your children over the Easter Holidays, and successfully work; or is this a futile exercise?

As a freelancer and a parent, the dream of the Easter Holidays (or any other holidays) is to not be at work, but to have time off entertaining and enjoying the small ones. This rarely happens.

I am lucky enough to be working on two fantastic projects now, which makes having any time off tricky. But I am a planner, so arranging two weeks of entertainment for my nearly 6-year-old shouldn’t be a problem….

I have a Margot (one) and an Arthur (almost six), they have very different entertainment needs. Margot is mainly at Nursery, apart from a Tuesday when she is super glued to my side! And Arthur, just wants to play football, play with his friends, or go on a train.

First, there was a surprise inset day at Arthurs school on Friday… who knew?? Well, I kind of knew, but secretly I was hoping I was wrong, and that the school would open! Never mind, a day out in Birmingham – train ride, Lego store, hot choc & cake! The boy was happy! Me not so much as it was raining, bouncing off the ground raining!

Now the fun begins, week one – four days of Football Camp. This is genius idea from the team at Whittington Soccer School. The only problems for me are:

  • It is 10am – 3pm – that is not many hours to get any work done!

  • I have a tired, hungry boy at pick up who needs cleaning, feeding and entertaining (again)

  • Post football playdates, this involves me picking, entertaining, feeding two children now!

  • Clients call no matter what! (I had several conversations whilst walking to the football, in the car after football, oh, and sat in the car waiting for football – thank goodness for 4G!)

  • Lots of evening work, as I have time in the day, but not as much as I need.

We have survived week one with lots of adaptive working and late nights, caffeine, and chocolate… now bring on week two. This is going to be slightly easier, as I have a husband as a co-entertainer. Wrong, he doesn’t really want to spend all his holiday entertaining small people, he has house tasks to achieve, and wants some downtime to himself. Fine!!

Enter week two: we are eating Easter chocolate, playing games, going to the Zoo, having a playdate with a friend, going to cinema and having a playdate with cousins, and I am trying to fit in my two projects! New week, same problems:

  • Time, I don’t have any to work (trying to answer calls and emails on the move, and give attention to your family is tricky)

  • Lots of evening work

  • Reliant on 4G to work on the move.

  • Giving your clients an insight into this world of holiday entertainment and hope they see the fun side! (I had several emails asking how the football had gone, and whether I had survived the Zoo)!

So, on reflection, do I think it is possible to entertain children over the Easter holidays (or any holidays) and work… the answer would be yes! You need to plan activities and playdates for the small ones, call on other people to help you entertain, and then You need to lower your expectation for productivity levels, expect to work in the evenings, and make sure that your clients and colleagues are aware that you are entertaining/ out and about.

No one said that freelancing was easy.

Freelancing is a daily challenge to see how good you are at juggling multiple balls!

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  • Writer's pictureKaren Edwards

I am a big fan of going out, enjoying life and gathering people together.

I am, quite possibly that annoying person who wants everyone to get on and have fun together!

So, organising corporate hospitality for some industry chums (and friends) felt like a perfect thing to do, and a way to say thank you for supporting me in my freelance career.

I have been to Welford Road, the home of Leicester Tigers, before to watch a match, but never organised my own hospitality!

It was so easy, Charlotte Saunders, Business Development Manager, was fantastic. Talked me through everything – what the options were, how to book, how to share information, and most importantly, how to get there. Super easy!

My guests were sent a full itinerary and tickets, and instructions to enjoy the hospitality and have fun!

On arrival, we were name checked in the car park – so exciting to have your name down on a list. It was then a short walk to the stadium, or a hop on the bus! Entrance the hospitality suite was a breeze; a quick flash of your ticket and a check inside your bag, and you were up the stairs… entering the main room.

There was about 300 people all sitting down ready to enjoy food, drink and rugby talk.

Our waiter, Asit Parmar, was simply fantastic – he was attentive, friendly, funny and learnt all of our names. Excellent customer service and a sure way to make the guests feel special.

Our bellies were well looked after with Starters, Mains, Desserts, Cheese Board, Half Time Snacks and drinks, lots of drinks – everyone was eating, drinking, chatting and enjoying a Sunday afternoon out, away from the pressures of family life!

The aim of hospitality at Leicester Tigers was twofold:

1. To say thank you a group of people who have supported me in my freelance careers

2. And to announce that I am back...and ready to work.

3. Oh, and I suppose to have a tiny break from family life.

A big thank you to Mel Deakin from Mowgli Events, for volunteering the drive… my prosecco never tasted so good!

If you are looking for a day out with friends, clients or family, I can highly recommend Leicester Tigers.

Friendly staff – excellent food – exciting bit of sport to watch!

Until the next time…

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  • Writer's pictureKaren Edwards

So, it’s official now… I am back at work!

Not going to lie to you, I did have a slightly shaky start. Little Margot didn’t settle at Nursery at all – there were lots of tears, snotty noses and nails digging into Mummy!! The Nursery staff were fabulous and re-assured me that she would settle in and she would enjoy herself.

After 3 weeks of settling in… we are there!

There were smiles at Nursery (thank goodness), now I can focus on work and being me at work.

I have missed working.

I have missed events.

I have missed the wonderful tribe of individuals who keep me sane during crazy event times.

I have missed the pressure to deliver an event.

But most of all, I have missed being Karen, Events Specialist at Bright Events.

I am so grateful for the time I have had off with Margot and all the fun and adventures we have had. Now I am relishing the challenge of juggling Margot and Arthur (and my husband) and the world of freelancing, where you never quite know what it going to happen.

I had a really interesting chat with a potential client at international Confex, and she told me that they (as a business) always ask whether you have children as they believe that working Mums make the best planners. They are used to juggling (well everything), they are used to retaining every piece of information that your child, a teacher, the PTA or a passing stranger tells you. But most of all they are keen to get out and work – so are driven and motivated, and will always have coffee (this is what keeps them going!)

This is just one persons opinion as I know plenty of excellent planners who do not have children.

What this conversation did do, was fill me full of confidence that I can step back into my old shoes and be the Karen that I used to be.

Onwards to the next event…

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